U.S. Pauses Shipment of Weapons to Israel Due to Concerns Over Gaza & Rafah

In a significant move, the United States has temporarily halted the delivery of certain munitions to Israel. The decision comes as Israeli leaders were reportedly considering launching a full-scale assault on the southern Gaza city of Rafah. Here are the key details:


Historic Origins of the Israel / Palestine Conflict – Free Post

The difficulty with the conflict between Israel and Palestine is that it has so many components immigration, national identity, empires and colonialism, democracy, religion and modernization, terrorism, victimization, persecution and war. The question of Palestine must still remain on the world’s agenda, even when focusing on the simplest building blocks of its very beginnings. Towards the end of the 19th century, outbreaks of violence against Jews called pogroms increased across Eastern Europe. In most countries, Jews were second class citizens. They couldn’t own land, though had different and varying legal rights and were marginalized, lived in ghettos and often randomly blamed for disruptions and targeted and murdered. This was coming to a head in the last two decades of the 19th century.


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Putin’s Bad Decision for Russia to Invade Ukraine – Video Podcast 1

Insightful video podcast on Putin’s BIG mistake to invade and destroy Ukraine while killing innocent people, then backfiring on his own nation. Originally published in March of 2022 soon after the Russia-Ukraine war had begun. This allowed for a fresh outlook on the senseless invasion of a sovereign country with a rich history that Ukrainians have been fiercely fighting for in order to liberate their homeland from an aggressive occupation…

Featuring: Cofounder of Cronfact (who is Russian-American) and a public safety specialist Kevin Kenneth.