U.S. Pauses Shipment of Weapons to Israel Due to Concerns Over Gaza & Rafah

In a significant move, the United States has temporarily halted the delivery of certain munitions to Israel. The decision comes as Israeli leaders were reportedly considering launching a full-scale assault on the southern Gaza city of Rafah. Here are the key details:

Unreliable Covid PCR Test

Unreliable Covid PCR Tests Were Resulting in Too Many False Positives Invoking Fear

RT-PCR Covid Test is faulty and unreliable. This test had a hard time differentiating between various types of viral DNA strands. The acronym stands for Reverse Transcriptase / Polymerase Chain Reaction which works by โ€œamplifyingโ€ viral DNA in # of detectable cycles that must be carefully calibrated not to get a wrong result. There were SO MANY false positives reported! Itโ€™s possible that the PCR test was inadvertently detecting Flu cases (not just Covid) since the symptoms can be very similar and since the faulty test had a hard time differentiating between various types of viral DNA strands. PLUS, it would also count LOTS of โ€œasymptomatic casesโ€ that pose no viable threat, which further explains the over-inflated case counts for Covid19…

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Historic Origins of the Israel / Palestine Conflict – Free Post

The difficulty with the conflict between Israel and Palestine is that it has so many components immigration, national identity, empires and colonialism, democracy, religion and modernization, terrorism, victimization, persecution and war. The question of Palestine must still remain on the world’s agenda, even when focusing on the simplest building blocks of its very beginnings. Towards the end of the 19th century, outbreaks of violence against Jews called pogroms increased across Eastern Europe. In most countries, Jews were second class citizens. They couldn’t own land, though had different and varying legal rights and were marginalized, lived in ghettos and often randomly blamed for disruptions and targeted and murdered. This was coming to a head in the last two decades of the 19th century.


Obesity & Low Vitamin D โ€“ Underlying Health Problems Raise Covid Mortality

Public numbers of Covid cases & deaths are misleading. If you were to look up the public data displayed in search engines, by dividing the total # of deaths by the total # of cases, it would yield 1.7% death rate (as of summer 2021) while the TRUE Covid-related mortality rate due to the unreliable PCR test & false positives has been at least 6.5 times LOWER than previously reported (around 0.26%). Most GROUND-BREAKING statistic we learned was that 95% of Covid19 hospitalizations had at least 1 or more underlying health problems before the Covid infection (#1 being obesity & hypertension; among others: metabolic disorders, diabetes complications, coronary & heart disease, lung disease or respiratory problems & kidney disease) โ€“ What stood out the most was Obesity that played a role in about +30% increased risk for severe symptoms and deathโ€ฆ

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A Common Sense Approach to Climate Change while Air Pollution Has Dropped

Truth in the Data (and Science) – All this talk about electric vehicles is great, but where do these geniuses think the fuel to produce said electricity comes from today? โ€“ The electric fairy? โ€“ No. Fifty-nine percent (59%) comes from fossil fuel (natural gas 40% and coal 19%), followed by nuclear at 20%, petroleum 1% and then renewables at 20% (wind 8.4%, hydro 7.3%, solar a measly 2.3%, biomass 1.4% and geothermal 0.4%). According to the EIA (U.S. Energy Information Agency), the share of U.S. electricity generation from wind grew…

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Healthy Natural Immunity Better than Covid Vaccines

Natural / Healthy OR Prior Immunity (after a successful recovery) is much BETTER than a vaccine-induced immunity. Scientists have done studies that have shown that a healthy/strong immunity reacts fast to neutralize pathogens MORE effectively than a fully-vaccinated immune response โ€“ just without theย Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)ย issues that would cause immunal paradoxes providing easier infection entry for other pathogens & variants. In many cases, Natural Immunity OR Prior Immunity (after a successful recovery) is much BETTER than a vaccine-induced immunity (said to be 13-27 times more effective than vaccines)…

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15 Causes of Covid Hospitalizations & Deaths – According to Health Science

These causes are based on scientific observations, biomedical research and reputable scientists and scholars.

1) Prolonged Mask-Wearing causing Low Oxygen / Lowered Immunity and Carbon Dioxide poisoning & inhalation of pollutants along with โ€œbacterial rebreathingโ€ resulting in more respiratory illnesses like Pneumonia & Covid.

2) Poor Ventilation & Air Pollution creating pathogens & many allergens + worsened Outside Air Quality, BBQ/cooking + Fire Smoke & Carbon Emissions from transportation. This can result in cytokine inflammation in the lungs over time and multiple symptoms.