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A Common Sense Approach to Climate Change while Air Pollution Has Dropped

Truth in the Data (and Science) – All this talk about electric vehicles is great, but where do these geniuses think the fuel to produce said electricity comes from today? โ€“ The electric fairy? โ€“ No. Fifty-nine percent (59%) comes from fossil fuel (natural gas 40% and coal 19%), followed by nuclear at 20%, petroleum 1% and then renewables at 20% (wind 8.4%, hydro 7.3%, solar a measly 2.3%, biomass 1.4% and geothermal 0.4%). According to the EIA (U.S. Energy Information Agency), the share of U.S. electricity generation from wind grew…

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Shower and Bathroom Remodeling in Orange County / Los Angeles and Riverside

Remodeling post – Habitat Remodel is a highly skilled company that has plenty of experience working on construction / remodeling projects dealing with Modern Kitchen Remodeling & Design, Bathroom Remodeling Upgrades & Repairs, Custom Flooring Upgrades, Room Additions and ADU Construction, Garage Conversions as well as roofing replacement.