Healthy Natural Immunity Better than Covid Vaccines

Natural / Healthy OR Prior Immunity (after a successful recovery) is much BETTER than a vaccine-induced immunity. Scientists have done studies that have shown that a healthy/strong immunity reacts fast to neutralize pathogens MORE effectively than a fully-vaccinated immune response โ€“ just without theย Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)ย issues that would cause immunal paradoxes providing easier infection entry for other pathogens & variants. In many cases, Natural Immunity OR Prior Immunity (after a successful recovery) is much BETTER than a vaccine-induced immunity (said to be 13-27 times more effective than vaccines)…

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How Vitamin C and Plant Based Diet Helps Health Immunity

How Vitamin C & Plant-Based Diets Help Your Health & Immunity Resilience

If you wish to know how and why Vitamin C and Plant-Based diet can help improve and maintain your health, we are about to unveil a few useful factoids that you can share with others. For instance, without Vitamin C, your self-repair & self-healing immune function would not be able to fend you off against diseases. While without the healthy plant-based foods…

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15 Causes of Covid Hospitalizations & Deaths – According to Health Science

These causes are based on scientific observations, biomedical research and reputable scientists and scholars.

1) Prolonged Mask-Wearing causing Low Oxygen / Lowered Immunity and Carbon Dioxide poisoning & inhalation of pollutants along with โ€œbacterial rebreathingโ€ resulting in more respiratory illnesses like Pneumonia & Covid.

2) Poor Ventilation & Air Pollution creating pathogens & many allergens + worsened Outside Air Quality, BBQ/cooking + Fire Smoke & Carbon Emissions from transportation. This can result in cytokine inflammation in the lungs over time and multiple symptoms.