Privacy Policy

User / Reader Privacy Policy

Our Company / made a substantial effort to protect our Users/Readers & Audience in terms of cyber security and applicable privacy regulations. Among which, (website) has a properly installed SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on our domain with encryption of data input and data transfer. This allows for Cronfact website features like contact forms, search boxes, subscriptions & donations input forms to be well-protected when Users enter their private and/or sensitive information. By law, all our website Users, Clients and Contacts can request to be โ€œopted outโ€ of any subscriptions / newsletters or emailing lists and we shall abide by their requests to enable such process.

Conversely, this website is also equipped with voluntary and/or optional โ€œopt-inโ€ features displayed on such pages as the Join Cronfact (contact form) and Contact Us (contact forms) where specific check-marks are willfully used to opt into certain communications and/or willful services and accommodations. By entering your email address into our subscribe module feature, you agree to receive our news articles by email that was provided by you via subscribing. If you entered the wrong email address by mistake you may contact us directly to update your email address or you can also update it from your user profile that is managed by a different system via cronfact sub-domain relay for the news & facts archives feed.

Additionally, donations are being handled via other parties considered to be reputable / secure online payment gateways, in which case those companies are responsible for providing such technologies to you as a User/Reader/Audience and therefore they are deemed to be responsible for any technical problems / nuances on their side or any other User Experience / User Interface or network uptime / website availability / maintenance / speed-performance and web security protocols.