Obesity & Low Vitamin D โ€“ Underlying Health Problems Raise Covid Mortality

Public numbers of Covid cases & deaths are misleading. If you were to look up the public data displayed in search engines, by dividing the total # of deaths by the total # of cases, it would yield 1.7% death rate (as of summer 2021) while the TRUE Covid-related mortality rate due to the unreliable PCR test & false positives has been at least 6.5 times LOWER than previously reported (around 0.26%). Most GROUND-BREAKING statistic we learned was that 95% of Covid19 hospitalizations had at least 1 or more underlying health problems before the Covid infection (#1 being obesity & hypertension; among others: metabolic disorders, diabetes complications, coronary & heart disease, lung disease or respiratory problems & kidney disease) โ€“ What stood out the most was Obesity that played a role in about +30% increased risk for severe symptoms and deathโ€ฆ

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Author: Cronfact News Media Manager
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