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Putin’s Bad Decision for Russia to Invade Ukraine – Video Podcast 1

Insightful video podcast on Putin’s BIG mistake to invade and destroy Ukraine while killing innocent people, then backfiring on his own nation. Originally published in March of 2022 soon after the Russia-Ukraine war had begun. This allowed for a fresh outlook on the senseless invasion of a sovereign country with a rich history that Ukrainians have been fiercely fighting for in order to liberate their homeland from an aggressive occupation…

Featuring: Cofounder of Cronfact (who is Russian-American) and a public safety specialist Kevin Kenneth.

Latest Data Shows: Covid Vaccines Arenโ€™t Really Working โ€“ No Decrease in Deaths

According Johns Hopkins University of Medicine Chart, there were more Covid deaths AFTER and during vaccinations than before vaccines.

The government, big Pharma, and the media have been pushing the vaccines now for over a year. As of February 13, 2002, 64% of the U.S. population succumbed to their vaccine wishes.
But according to the accompanying graph, anyone with an ounce of wisdom can see that the vaccines donโ€™t seem to be working too well. Of course, they will try to tell you otherwise.

They will say, โ€œitโ€™s the unvaccinated!โ€ Granted, I would imagine the unvaccinated do make up a larger portion of these numbers, but not all of them. There should be a 60% decrease (or even just a 30% decrease) in all categories from a year ago for those 64% that were jabbed. But there isnโ€™t and the numbers are actually higher. Imagine, if the Polio vaccine worked as poorly as this one didโ€ฆ How many millions would be crippled today?..