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This terms of use and privacy policy is an implied agreement between the User and (the Website / Company) and its affiliate network website systems thereof. Any content that you (as a User) see on the website is subject to change with or without prior notice to the User/Reader. We do our best to keep the posted content more current and accurate as our research team tries to find more fact-based information that is useful to our readers or audience. However, due to sequential updates in the media scope including but not limited to certain new facts / data / research / news coming out, our website cannot be expected to be always 100% accurate given that there is an Opinion/True Stories and Politics subjective sections on our website separating out the facts & science and more educational sources of information.


User / Reader Privacy Policy

Our Company / made a substantial effort to protect our Users/Readers & Audience in terms of cyber security and applicable privacy regulations. Among which, (website) has a properly installed SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on our domain with encryption of data input and data transfer. This allows for Cronfact website features like contact forms, search boxes, subscriptions & donations input forms to be well-protected when Users enter their private and/or sensitive information. By law, all our website Users, Clients and Contacts can request to be “opted out” of any subscriptions / newsletters or emailing lists and we shall abide by their requests to enable such process.

Conversely, this website is also equipped with optional “opt-in” features displayed on such pages as the Join Cronfact (contact form) and Contact Us (contact forms) where specific check-marks are willfully used to opt into certain communications and/or willful services and accommodations. By entering your email address into our subscribe module feature, you agree to receive our news articles by email that was provided by you via subscribing. If you entered the wrong email address by mistake you may contact us directly to update your email address or you can also update it from your user profile that is managed by a different system via cronfact sub-domain relay for the news & facts archives feed. Additionally, donations are being handled via other parties considered to be reputable / secure online payment gateways, in which case those companies are responsible for providing such technologies to you as a User/Reader/Audience and therefore they are deemed to be responsible for any technical problems / nuances on their side or any other User Experience / User Interface or network uptime / website availability / maintenance / speed-performance and web security protocols.

Pictures / Videos / Podcasts and Blogs / Articles Copyrights

This website,, mostly produces original articles / blogs content produced by verified, legitimate professional bloggers and researchers who have the knowledge specialty in the particular publication topic that they publish. Nonetheless, there are instances when we (as a news/facts publication network) use other content creators’ works in order to substantiate our findings or the essential details of a reported news / facts / event / opinions or a scientific study research. This means, we must use whatever charts / diagrams or video presentations that we can find in order to validate a news article as trustworthy to our Readers/Audience. One must be aware that, in many cases, we DO have our own original works & studies published in this website and that we (as a Company) shall not be required to disclose and to prove publicly all our scientific methods / documents or private data stipulating the accuracy of findings or anything we claim as “facts” or “news” or pending “research” (whether it is a news blog, podcast or video or info web page) – which would be left to our own sole discretion to determine the degree of public knowledge that we intend to share as “sufficiently accurate information”… All the independently conducted research studies & discoveries done by the Company Authors & Publishers WILL REMAIN the intellectual property of those Authors / Creators and Researchers / Scientists who were first credited for those original works based on a factual knowledge / data / observations including miscellaneous evidence that may OR may not be an absolute fact yet can be labeled as “news”.

In terms of content copyrights, our website ( contains images and graphics, that we (as a Company) use on our website and extended profiles networks, the content of which was verified to be authorized for commercial use or were labeled as “free for commercial use” attribution license with no infringement on the original copyright holder’s intellectual property. Per each occurrence when there was no need for commercial use license (like public data and shareable infographics), that means we acquired this information/content/graphic under a “public domain exchange” – i.e. public use license signifying the data/content or graphic/image was publicly displayed by the original provider for the purpose of public use with lawful appropriation that’s non-proprietary and non-exclusive, in which case we shall properly display the source of content acquisition to give a fair attribution reference link and organization name for credibility (only if or when it is known to us where that particular source of content/information was originated) – In other instances, public website sources of global / national & regional aggregate data sets & graphs could be used to inform the public without revealing the specific names of content creators or software “generators” of the public domain content-information. If, for any, reason, we are not aware of where certain data/info/content came from, we shall do our best to conduct a due diligence research investigation to attempt to find the source of origin.

Ostensibly, we (as a News Company) DO NOT convey neither implied nor express warranties of any kind regarding the name/reputation of the source and validity of data origin thereby any such data/info, graphics/images and scientific research that we publicly show CANNOT be used as a medical advice, legal advice, financial advice nor public safety guidelines enforcement of any sort. In the event of misconstruing our posted information on our website blogs/articles and single pages, Company shall NOT be responsible for ANY damages inflicted by or as a result of misusing the information as a professionally-licensed advice that shall be determined by those professionals who are normally eligible to provide such an advice in accordance with their professions code. You are advised to consult with those professionals individually if you have any specific questions or problems. ANYONE (whether Users, Authors / Content Creators or Officials) trying to “use and take” our information posts in place of a “professional / medical / legal or financial advice” would be considered in breach our of terms of use agreement and therefore these actions would be labeled as “product misuse” under the protective laws governing Company/Product/User agreements. website/company is NOT a regulatory agency nor government entity and thus must not be treated the same way as those agencies or government branches under applicable laws, thereby making our Company/Website “exempt” and “immune” to legislative scrutiny that would have imposed public sector policy mandates.

Under the circumstance, if you (as a Content Creator or Copyright Holder) notice any of your original images or videos or charts/diagrams, research data, podcasts and music or parts of a blog/article content being posted on our Website, you then have the right to request removal OR content modifications / updates at your sole discretion of any such content that you believe needs corrections or content that you do not wish to see on our website. Taking into account, that there could be outdated content archives, you (the Content Creator) have an option of INFORMING us of various changes and updates so that we (as a News Company) can make according adjustments / corrections instead of completely removing your content from our website. In compliance with social media network syndication rules and permissible sharing features, our organization has a web developer who integrates the sharing code/links from videos, podcasts and other websites to be displayed on the website and its social network profiles – all made available for public sharing by the original sources of content owners or distributors who were showing those public “sharing features” and “embed code” functions in order to post their public content per user agreement of those social networks where they hosted their public works or had someone else post their works on their behalf. As a courtesy and as a common practice to give credit to the content creators/authors, we also display web links to certain original sources where we obtained the post content. Synergistically, these types of content back-link posts are mutually beneficial for publications and for content creators and distributors because it brings SEO web traffic value, reputation boost, extra views for those authors & original sources, thereby serving as an innate incentive to keep sharing the live content without infringement.  

The Use of Original Works and Copyright Terms

For any original works posted on by us (the Company), we reserve the right to exercise intellectual property protection protocols against unlawful plagiarism and misappropriation or misuse of our original content. By “misuse” of our public content, we mean anything that violates our terms of use, intellectual property, public domain and privacy policy. What we consider misinformation or disinformation would be up to our own sole discretion in adherence to the concurrent news/facts and available research studies proving something as factual or of education value to our Readers/Audience. We, as a company, DO NOT engage in disinformation campaigns of any sort and thus do not condone this behavior and will hold liable anyone else who spreads false information using our company name/brand and articles/blogs by exaggerating, deceiving, defaming, insulting, falsely claiming or hiding the truth & science. Note, that Cronfact is NOT a political organization and that we do not side with political agenda that would be very decisive for our userbase, subscribers and news origination donors.

For those Users who are “Distributors” of online content, we advise that you RE-share our blogs & articles via your own social media accounts without copying and pasting our web content from our website into your own website(s) or blogging pages. Although, we have some exceptions to this rule when authorized content distributors would be allowed to post an ACTIVE back-link to our site ( linking to our original post IF they wish to repost a more substantial version of our article/blog, podcast or video on their own website blog. For your convenience, we display the social media sharing icons at the end of every post so that you (as a User OR Distributor) are able to easily RE-share our posted content on your own social media profiles and even by emailing to your contacts (in accordance with privacy policies under which you obtained your contacts) – plus, you also have the capability of “copying & pasting” our news blog link directly onto your social media profile of your choice wherein you will see the title and social graphing image automatically shown by those web platforms. If anyone takes our original blog article / podcast / video or music and wants to RE-publish the full duplicate version of it, they MUST have our direct written permission (by email) AND a required back-link to our website post page in order to allow for the full use license of our works to be posted publicly on a self-hosted website page. While there will be situations in which we would have to approve and authorize the type of website and the type of business entity that would be RE-posting our original content.

Last but not least, ALL websites where our content is RE-published MUST have an adequate SSL (Secure Socket Layer) installed on the web pages to protect the users from spyware / malware and privacy issues. If a back-linking website has ANY malware (or malicious code) malfunctions – that website is STRICTLY PROHIBITED from LINKING TO OUR SITE until necessary website security fixes are performed to the full extent to be deemed reasonably safe to use and share without inflicting harm nor causing any damages: whether financial, website performance, personal identity information nor anything that compromises the IT security of the systems; in such case, Cronfact company will NOT be responsible for any negligence of any such unsecured malware websites. Therefore, even if there is ever a prohibited / unauthorized website linking to our site, it is the predisposed duty of those outside companies to maintain their web security, cyber compliance, uptime, maintenance / updates and customer support.

Cyber Security is one of our TOP priorities, hence we strive to keep maintaining a very clean-running, fast & reliable website. Finally, if you have any questions about our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy OR if you need technical assistance, please contact us at the contact page below using the contact form or you can email