15 Causes of Covid Hospitalizations & Deaths – According to Health Science

These causes are based on scientific observations, biomedical research and reputable scientists and scholars.

1) Prolonged Mask-Wearing causing Low Oxygen / Lowered Immunity and Carbon Dioxide poisoning & inhalation of pollutants along with โ€œbacterial rebreathingโ€ resulting in more respiratory illnesses like Pneumonia & Covid.

2) Poor Ventilation & Air Pollution creating pathogens & many allergens + worsened Outside Air Quality, BBQ/cooking + Fire Smoke & Carbon Emissions from transportation. This can result in cytokine inflammation in the lungs over time and multiple symptoms.

3) Obesity Epidemic creating more CHRONIC ILLNESS and weakened immunity. Plus, obese people already had underlying health problems and more constricted airflow in lungs.

4) Ventilator Machines injuring lungs permanently causing more deaths. According to wise doctors, those should have never been used for Covid treatment and recovery. But because hospitals were financially incentivized to put people on ventilators, it was causing a rampant increasing fatality rate based on staying longer on the breathing machine.

5) Toxic Covid Vaccines causing a rise in hospitalizations and early deaths, compromised immunity and โ€œLong Covidโ€ Symptoms due to: heart, lungs, vessels, brain & nerve damage (aka Neuropathy) + suppressed immunity and even cancer development.

6) Junk Food & Highly Processed Diet creating Multi-Organ Inflammation, bad/weakened immunity, bodily toxicity & more health problems like diabetes, cancer & heart disease.

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